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This resource area is for informational purposes. It is not meant, nor should it be relied upon, as legal advice in any particular situation. The information herein is not a substitute for consultation with legal counsel or other specific guidance on the subject. The documents, media reports and statutes are only current as of the dates of publication.


Recent Updates

August 22, 2018 – Effective Date of New Medical Marijuana Laws

August 16, 2018 - MMA Legal Services’ Updated Sample Moratorium Ordinance Regarding Medical Marijuana Retail Stores (login required).

July 18, 2018 - MMA Legal Update on New Laws on Medical Marijuana Retail Stores

July 10, 2018 - Two New Laws Recognize Home Rule Authority to Regulate Medical Marijuana Operations

June, 2018 - MMA Legal Information Packet on Adult Use Marijuana Act (password required)

May 3, 2018 – Legal Update Regarding New Non-Medical Marijuana Law

May 3, 2018 - Legislative Update Regarding Enactment of New Non-Medical Marijuana Law

May 2, 2018 - An Act To Implement a Regulatory Structure for Adult Use Marijuana (Now Effective)



October 4, 2018 - MMA Convention Session: "Cutting Through the Haze: New Marijuana Laws and Real World Examples"

July 10, 2018 - MMA/Bernstein Shur "Legal Update on Recreational Marijuana" Workshop Presentations in Bangor


State Resources

Medical Marijuana Rules Effective May 10, 2018
(note: some aspects overruled by Legislature via LD 1539, the bill comprehensively amending Maine’s Medical Use of Marijuana Act, enacted July 9, 2018 with an effective date scheduled 90 days following final adjournment of 128th Legislature’s second special session).

Adult Use Marijuana Public Law Enacted May 2018

Recreational Marijuana ballot initiative enacted by voters November 2016 (from Maine Secretary of State’s website)

PL 2017, ch. 1 (Emergency legislation enacted 1/27/17 amending initiated law)


Maine Town & City Articles and Legal Notes

"Adult-use marijuana: Common questions answered" August-September 2018

"Legislature answers calls to clarify marijuana laws" July, 2018

"Adult Use Marijuana & Local Control." June, 2018

"Statewide Marijuana Moratorium Expires." February, 2018


Ordinances and Local Guidance

The following ordinances and other pieces of information are posted at the request of member municipalities and are intended only as examples for your reference. They are not to be relied upon as legal advice for your municipality from MMA. Consultation with legal counsel is recommended prior to taking any actions to address the unique situations in your community.

Acton Marijuana Ordinance – Adopted July 17, 2018

Information Posted and Ordinances Adopted Prior To Current Law:

Acton Commercial Marijuana Committee Final Report – January 26, 2018 – Volume 1 , Volume 2

Houlton Recreational Marijuana Ordinance, Voided by citizen initiative November 8, 2017.

Houlton Odor Mitigation Ordinance

Lamoine Ordinance (Based on MMA Model)

The Town of Rockport recently had a public forum on this subject. View video

Summary of the Marijuana Legalization Act (City of Hallowell)

Sections of MLA Most Relevant to Municipalities (City of Hallowell)


Events & Training

October 4, 2018 – MMA Convention – Cutting Through the Haze, New Marijuana Laws and Real World Examples
MMA Staff Attorney Rebecca McMahon and Legislative Advocate Garrett Corbin will provide a brief overview of recent changes to Maine’s medical and non-medical marijuana laws, and two municipal officials will describe their regulatory efforts. The second half of this panel will be devoted to Q&A for your burning questions.


Media Coverage

Bangor Daily News

Kennebec Journal / Press Herald



February, 2018 – MMA Legal Note, "Statewide Marijuana Moratorium Expires."

November 15, 2017 - MMA Marijuana Legislation and Law Presentations
Garrett Corbin Presentation - Powerpoint | PDF
Rebecca McMahon Presentation - Powerpoint | PDF

October 25, 2017 - Update Regarding the Recent Special Session of the Legislature

October 20, 2017 – Action Alert Regarding Recreational Marijuana Legislation | Latest version of the bill

September 26, 2017 – Legislature Public Hearing on LR 2395

Testimony of the Maine Municipal Association In Support of LR 2395 - "An Act To Amend The Marijuana Legalization Act"

All testimony given at the public hearing on LR 2395, An Act to Amend the Marijuana Legalization Act, can be accessed here.

LR 2395 - “An Act To Amend the Marijuana Legalization Act”

August-September 2017 Maine Townsman Article - "Marijuana committee working towards implementation"

September 13, 2017 Notice to Municipal Officials

February 28, 2017 - Recreational Marijuana Presentation - Edward “Ted” Kelleher, Esq., and Amy Tchao, Esq., of Drummond Woodsum

February, 2017 – MMA Legal Note, “Parts of Marijuana Law Delayed Until Feb. 2018.”

January, 2017 – MMA Legal Note, “Moratoriums on Marijuana.”

PL 2017, ch. 1 (Emergency legislation enacted 1/27/17 amending initiated law)

December, 2016 – MMA Legal Note, “Legal Marijuana and Municipalities.”

Recreational Marijuana ballot initiative enacted by voters November 2016 (from Maine Secretary of State’s website)

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