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MMA's Verbal Judo sponsored by the Maine Municipal Association - 3/19/18

Location: Hilton Garden Inn - 5 Park St - Freeport, ME 04032
Time: Registration: 8:00 a.m. / Workshop: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Cost: MMA Member Municipality/Patron/Co-Sponsor Affiliate Member $110.00 | Non-Member Municipality: $205.00
Presenters: Joel Francis, National Director/Instructor Trainer, US, the Verbal Judo Institute, Inc.

Who Should Attend:
If you work with the public and you ever find yourself in conflict situations – this is the class you should attend! This workshop will focus on conflict resolution techniques and how to handle conflict situations with expertise when they arise. This workshop is open to all municipal officials and employees.

Course Information:
We are pleased to offer Verbal Judo as another course in our Customer Service Series. Verbal Judo, or Tactical Communication, enables staff to focus on the behavior of others while maintaining their own and others’ safety and then use Appropriate Presence and Words to achieve a professional purpose. Verbal Judo, like Judo itself, uses the energy of others to master situations. It contains a set of communication principles and tactics that enable the user to generate cooperation and gain voluntary compliance from others under stressful conditions. These tactics are especially useful when dealing with hostile, angry, upset, frustrated or disgruntled people. Verbal Judo teaches a philosophy of how to look creatively at conflict while offering specific, powerful, and usable strategies to resolve tense situations. Attendees will learn to respond to situations rather than react to personal feelings. Additionally, participants will come to understand how to deal with difficult people and how to use conflict management tactics to defuse confrontational encounters.

The course has precisely defined training goals that address concerns important to both the organization and its individual employees. They are:

• Personal Safety 
• Decreased Complaints
• Enhanced Professionalism 
• Reduced Stress on the Job and at Home
• Reduced Vicarious Liability

VERBAL JUDO is the only tactical communication course in America. The principles and tactics taught enable graduates to use “Presence and Words” to calm difficult people who may be under severe emotional or other influences, redirect the behavior of hostile people, defuse potentially dangerous situations, perform professionally under all conditions and achieve the desired outcome of the encounter.

*NOTE: This course uses real and/or realistic examples of extreme customer situations and may contain profanity. Participant discretion is advised.



8:30 am Introduction
• The Five Goals Of The Course

9:00 am Module One
• The Goal Of The Professional
• The Force Options Used To Achieve This Goal
• The Habit Of Mind Necessary To Achieve This Goal
• The Art Of Representation

11:30 am Lunch

12:30 pm Module Two
• Communication: From The Receiver’s Point Of View

1:30 pm Module Three
• Verbal Judo Illustrated: “The Five-Step Hard Style Of Persuasion”

2:30 pm Module Four
• How To Recognize When Words Fail and Be Prepared To Move To Action: S.A.F.E.R.

3:30 pm Module Five
• The “Tactical Eight-Step” Person Meet & Greet



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